Review: Ghost Train Haze by COLOR ( Weed MD )

Ghost Train Haze by Color Cannabis ( Weed MD )
THC : CBD - 20.46% : 0.00%
Price: 38.50$/3.5g Delta 9 in Winnipeg
Compare @ 35.65$ in Ontario or 28.99$ in B.C.
Genetics: Rare Dankness
Nevil's WreckGhost OG
Packed on:27/03/19
Opened on:06/22/19
Lot# GTH.A104.21.12.18A

"All aboard motherf*cker!"
-Alan Rails

Ghost Train Haze is a fun name.  But don't take this strain lightly, it might be an express engine to Destination: F*CKED

A sativa dominant hybrid with +20% THC at 11$/g gets bought up quick here in Winnipeg and Color is putting the pressure on other premium brands with their attractive strain portfolio and photogenic crops.  Having reviewed their White Shark previously, I am excited to try the rest of their lineup.

Opening Inspection-8
Brilliantly frosty, small lime green buds- tight structure with long reaching calyxes. Reminds me of geode crystals- sharp and shiny.   Trichomes catch some interesting rainbow coloration in bright light, pistils are sparse, brick red / brown and stay streamlined tight to the flower.  This sample doesn't seem to represent tops of the plant, I've seen some pretty big buds pictured online this week.

I lost a bet to myself- wrongly guessing that this 3.5g would be under the listed amount, but it turned out to be 3.53g.  It is very resin heavy- with a bit of stickiness under the crystallized surface. Absolutely no waste other than a small scattering of trichomes that had broken off in transit.
This would be a very finicky plant to trim, I must compliment the scissor skills behind the scenes.

Aroma- 9
Pine sap,sharp-sour loomis (dried limes), overripe tropical fruit, jujube candies, diesel gas, pepper.
This is a complicated, pungent, and slightly rotten smelling flower.  Smells sweet from a distance, but in the jar, it gets a lot more funky.  

Buttery smooth, slightly citrusy, with a floral underpinning-  Finishes on a savory sweet note that reminds me of lemon meringue pie crust.

Experience- 9
I can't understate how smooth this smoke is, it's easy for me to get caught up in the flavor and smoke way more than I need.  Its gentle at first, goading me into taking another pull with its light and flavorful vapor. I'd take one pull and launch into daily activities with glee-  very uppity vibe.

It also has a very high ceiling for "getting high" tho.  Ghost Train Haze was on the cover of the 2012 high times issue about the Highest THC Strains, along with Gorilla Glue, and Bruce Banner.  I have seen it referenced as a nearly psychedelic experience by some users, and I imagine that if I was new to cannabis, I would approach this with a bit of respect and start low.  Like micro-dosing low.

Medical Notes-
Helped me smash thru anxiety and symptoms from being layed up in bed for a few days-  Being able to let go of the accumulated weight of a week with bad M.S. symptoms and laugh.  That's such an understated medical benefit of cannabis, I call it "resetting the clock" after a long day / week- 
A good strain to help process grief or trauma and "move on with life" hopefully.

TLDR- 8.75 / 10
Ghost Train Haze by Color is a vigorous go-getter strain, that is easy on the eyes and not too rough on the pocketbook. At 20+% THC this sativa hybrid will have recreational and medical fans equally excited.  I am already stashing away the rest of this jar for days when FUN is my first priority.  

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